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Could salt be killing us?

March 24, 2013
by Shara

A new study just made sensational headlines, saying that our excessive salt intake kills 1 in 10 Americans. The study from the Harvard School of Public Health looked at studies of salt intake and risk of cardiovascular deaths. They found a strong link between higher rates of death from cardiovascular disease and higher levels of salt intake. 1000 mg was the optimal intake according to the researchers, however, Americans consume on average 3400 mg. Bread and cheese were the 2 biggest contributors to sodium intake in the U.S. To lower salt intake population wide, the food and restaurant industries have to make a concerted effort to reduce amounts in our food supply. Fortunately, many companies are working together to lower the sodium in foods. The palate can adjust and enjoy lower amounts of sodium when it’s done gradually. In the meanwhile, look for lower sodium versions of foods, always rinse canned beans and vegetables, and cook from scratch whenever possible. Whole foods found in nature rarely have much sodium so consuming more of these foods and less processed foods will naturally lower salt intake.   

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2 Responses to “Could salt be killing us?”

  1. Alesha Says:

    It’s a fact that consuming too many high salty foods is unhealthy for the body. It will also retain water and cause us to gain weight.


  2. bubblegum casting Says:

    Surely anything is good in moderation right


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