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Facing the reasons for bingeing

February 23, 2012
by Shara

Understanding our own psychology behind why we overeat is an important piece of the puzzle in the challenge to lose weight. There may be deep seeded reasons for overeating or having a complete binge, and it’s not always the obvious, such as an emotional letdown. For some women a positive experience can lead to unhealthy eating. Someone I know told me that whenever she is praised, whether by a work colleague or a friend, she reacts by bingeing on junk food. Exploring the root of it, she discovered it likely goes back to a time when she was given food as praise. A good way to explore how mood impacts when and how much you eat is to keep a food and mood journal. You can find and print out copies online, which helps you track when you eat, what you eat and how you were feeling before and after eating. As you discover the triggers that lead to unhealthy eating behaviors, you can then learn to redirect yourself to more healthy behaviors instead when the mood strikes. In her case, we talked about calling a friend or family member or going to buy a small token of celebration (not food) rather than bingeing when praise is given. The roots of the emotional reasons why we eat can be complicated and challenging to deal with, but a necessary part of success in weight management over the longterm.    

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