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The Baby Fat Diet:
A Busy Mom's Guide to Losing Weight and Looking Fabulous!






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Written by Monica Bearden, R.D
and by Shara Aaron, M.S., R.D.

Get rid of those post-pregnancy pounds— even if your youngest is already in school.

Moms will be relieved to learn that small changes can make a big difference. Restrictive dieting and cutting out favorite foods to the extreme isn’t necessary. The book offers simple, easy-to-live-by health and nutrition tips that help women change the behaviors that make losing weight so difficult. The 30 timeless tips throughout are eminently practical and the recipes are delicious. Not only will moms lose weight on The Baby Fat Diet, they’ll feel good about themselves, too.


he Baby Fat Diet Blog Invitation

Losing the baby fat and staying in shape is not easy, but with a little help and support you can be successful. Check out our blog for the latest tips and advice from two moms that had to lose the baby fat, and just like you, are trying to stay in shape. By the way, we are also dietitians, who through experience and counseling other moms have picked up some great tips that we want to share with you. Every week we post the current news, new products and helpful advice to help you stay healthy and lose the weight. We also want to hear your stories and advice. Join us - we look forward to meeting you.


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"What makes this book unique is that it’s written by moms for moms".- 5 Minutues for Moms

"The Baby Fat Diet as an incredible, easy-to-use source of information on nutrition and exercise. If you need to know the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle, this is the book for you" - A Little Whine and Cheese

"The Baby Fat Diet and it's loaded with advice to getting new moms back in their skinny jeans." - Mom Trends

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